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Benefits: Minimize Downtime

Our testing has shown that Solar Cool Thermal Coating reduces compressor run times by an average of 7%. What does that mean for your company?
  • Fuel savings

  • Reduced wear and tear on the unit extending unit life

  • Fewer unit break downs

  • Fewer spare parts to buy

  • Lower labor costs ( Frees up workers to perform scheduled maintenance)

  • Increased trailer availability for scheduling

  • Fewer breakdowns on the road, saving product and more importantly preserving your delivery schedule.

25 Week Test - 36' Trailer - Weekly Average
Fuel Usage
Compressor Run Time
Dallas test results from real-time testing on 2 new 36’ trailers (coated/uncoated) committed to similar routes and mileage during the same 25 week period from 4/30/07 to 10/13/07.