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Benefits: Saves Fuel

Orlando, FL
Fuel Usage
Over a 4 week test 4/15/07 – 5/15/07 with 1yr old  36ft trailers real time testing (on the road, same # of stops, similar  mileage)
By eliminating the refrigerated trailer roof as a heat source you reduce the load on the compressor unit. Reduced compressor load equals reduced compressor run time needed to maintain internal temperatures. Reduced run time equals fuel savings

Our testing has shown trailers coated with Solar Cool Thermal Coating save on average 6.5 gallons* of fuel per week.

According to Great Dane Trailers®, as a refrigerated trailer ages, its insulation system degrades because of trailer damage, moisture intrusion, and air loss. However, insulation degradation is largely due to the normal aging of the trailer. Polyurethane foam insulation used in the trailer will lose 10-15% of its r-value in the first 24 months due to out-gassing. To make up for the loss of thermal efficiency, the cooling unit has to work harder, causing both the cooling unit-run time and fuel costs to increase. For more information, please refer to and review the Thermoguard section.

A standard refrigerated trailer roof is made from a sheet of uncoated aluminum covering 2 inches of polyurethane foam insulation. Although aluminum has a good reflectance rating (.71), it has a very low emittance rating (.09). This is why on a sunny 90 degree day the roof temperature on a refrigerated trailer can reach 185 degrees and up effectively turning the roof into a heat sink transferring heat through the insulation and into the trailer interior. This problem is compounded when the trailer doors are opened frequently for deliveries, often averaging 12 to 15 times a day. The combination of the hot roof, the opening of the doors, and the aging of the trailer results in the compressor running full out simply to maintain temperature.

By coating the roof top of a refrigerated trailer with Solar Cool Thermal Coating we change the dynamics of the roof. With two coats (12 mils) of Solar Cool Thermal coating reflectivity improves to .84 and emittance improves significantly to .86. Once coated, the roof temperature on a sunny 90 degree day will stay within 5 degrees of the ambient air temperature.

Solar Cool Thermal Coating virtually eliminates the roof as a heat source and counters the insulation degradation and at the same time sealing and air and water intrusions. This results in a lower load factor on the compressor unit reducing compressor run time and fuel consumption Saving you money.

*For more details go to our fuel saving calculator.