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Benefits: Reduce Capital Outlays

Solar Cool Coatings helps companies reduce capital outlays. The typical life of a refrigerated trailer for a company is about 10 years. Studies have shown that for companies located in the Sun Belt portion of the United States the costs for maintaining a trailer compressor unit increase around year 4 and by year 6 a large percentage of the units need to be replaced. With Solar Cool Thermal Coating applied to the trailer roof top, compressor run time is reduced by an average of 7%. This extends the life of the compressor unit, delaying unit replacement and lowering maintenance costs.

According to Great Dane Trailers®

The value of a refrigerated trailer is directly related to its thermal performance. It is imperative that a reefer insulate efficiently not only today, but for the life of the trailer. As refrigerated trailers with traditional liners age, they will experience insulation degradation, largely due to the normal aging of the trailer, which is not addressed by traditional FRP liners. These liners do not completely seal the insulation and allow an "out gassing" effect as the trailer ages. As a result, the following occurs:

  • Loss of insulation performance because of trailer damage, moisture intrusion, or air loss.
  • Longer cooling unit run-times, to make up for this loss of thermal efficiency.
  • Increased cooling unit fuel costs since the unit has to work harder.
  • Inability to maintain interior temperature
  • Loss of excess cooling capacity
  • Eventually the insulation will degrade so much that the unit cannot properly pull down or have enough cooling capacity to get the job done.

Solar Cool Thermal Coating helps new trailers stay air tight and water resistant longer and on older trailers seals air and water intrusions from the roof. This can extend the life of the trailer significantly. Extending the life cycle of your trailers can greatly reduce capital expenditures and when you sell your trailers to the secondary market, you can command a higher resale price.