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Benefits: ROI

Our testing has shown trailers coated with Solar Cool Thermal Coating saves on average 6.6 gallons of fuel per week. Based on fuel savings alone your ROI for coating your trailers with Solar Cool Thermal Coatings can be achieved in 12 months or less. Check our ROI calculator for your location.

Your ROI will be considerably less when you take into account the following.

  • Reduced compressor run time means less wear and tear on the unit. Meaning fewer breakdowns, saving you money on parts and labor.
  • Fewer breakdowns also mean fewer scheduling problems and more on time deliveries resulting in happier clients.
  • Solar Cool Thermal Coating can help maintain the quality of your products being delivered reducing the number items returned by customers.

In the event of compressor unit breakdown miles from your hub Solar Cool Thermal Coating provides you with an opportunity to save or reduce the damage to your perishable cargo. In this case your ROI could be achieved in one day.

25 Week Test - 36' Trailer - Weekly Average
Fuel Usage
Dallas test results from real-time testing on 2 new 36’ trailers (coated/uncoated) committed to similar routes and mileage during the same 25 week period from 4/30/07 to 10/13/07.