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Solar Cool Thermal Coating
saves moneyfor reefer operators

Solar Cool Thermal Coating is a 100% acrylic elastomeric coating with our proprietary sealed ceramic micro-bubbles added. This high flex elastomeric coating with its superior adhesion and weather ability provides unique surface characteristics ideal for use on refrigerated trailer roof tops.

Our thermal coating has two important surface properties: a high solar reflective rating and an equally high thermal emittance rating. Solar reflectance is the percentage of solar energy that is reflected by a surface. Thermal emittance refers to the ability of a material to release absorbed heat.

A standard refrigerated trailer roof is made from a sheet of uncoated aluminum covering 2 inches of polyurethane foam insulation. Although aluminum has a good reflectance rating (.71), it has a very low emittance rating (.09). This is why on a sunny 90 degree day the roof temperature on a refrigerated trailer can reach 185 degrees and up effectively turning the roof into a heat sink transferring heat through the insulation and into the trailer interior.

By coating the roof top of a refrigerated trailer with Solar Cool Thermal Coating we change the dynamics of the roof. With two coats (12 mils) of Solar Cool Thermal Coating, reflectivity improves to .84 and emittance improves significantly to .86. Once coated, the roof temperature on a sunny 90 degree day will stay within 5 degrees of the ambient air temperature virtually eliminating the roof as a heat source.